Campaign For Wild Love Preserve's Wildlife Preserve

About Campaign For Wild Love Preserve's Wildlife Preserve

Wild Love Preserve's Legacy Project includes our innovative wild horse conservation program, conflict resolution, education platform, comprehensive range health fixed on sustainability, and the creation of our 10,000-acre wildlife preserve, which is central to our work and will be protected in perpetuity, nurturing and ensuring the lasting wildness of this indigenous environment as an interconnected whole. We're fundraising to secure this land acquisition so we can move WLP operations and our 136 Idaho wild horses from our leased location to our permanent home, and prepare for future Idaho wild horses not otherwise adopted from the November 2019 helicopter roundup of the Challis Herd. This is a WE project and together we're keeping the wild in Idaho’s wild horses and wild places. That which we do today shapes our tomorrow, and by working together we are ensuring a lasting legacy of wildness for Idaho's wild horses and wild places. Thank you for considering a tax-deductible donation. Learn more at